Welcome to Everyday Cuvee


Welcome to Everyday Cuvée!

Here you will find me sharing a blend of fashion, lifestyle, home decor and travel – the best bits and pieces that come together to create my “Everyday Cuvée.”

If you have been following my work, Courtney Callahan Paper, then you may have seen some of these topics pop up throughout my work. Why, you ask? Because I really enjoy talking and sharing about style just as much as I love talking about weddings every day (and many nights).

But, I realized that even though they are both creative fields, they should remain separate. Work will be work…although admittedly very fun work, and this blog and my Instagram (@courtneycallahanmyers) will be a little lighter and more personal.

I hope you’ll follow along to see where this road leads!

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My Running Essentials | Everyday Cuvee – A Fashion + Lifestyle Blog by Courtney Callahan Myers


Last week on what would have been my dad’s 67th birthday, I took a long cruise along Lake Michigan on my bike. During my ride, I thought a lot about my dad and the things we used to enjoy together – mainly, running.

We had run two half marathons together, one full marathon and shared countless conversations about training, articles we had read in Runnner’s World and our running essentials. It was something we shared in common, something I highly valued and definitely the reason I started running in the first place.

Running Chicago // Courtney Callahan

But, life, work and excuses have gotten in the way of me signing up for any races longer than an 8K in the past three years and I realized how much I missed it. So the moment I got home that day, I registered for a half-marathon in April. Even though it is still five months away, I have already increased my weekly mileage to prep my body for the run and potentially beat my PR.

Since I run along Lake Michigan, it is important to have the right clothing and accessories to keep me protected from the wind and cold plus keep me motivated to pick up the pace. These warm, running tights are going to be in heavy rotation this winter and are a good alternative to my basic black running pants.

Running Essentials // Courtney Callahan

I am looking forward to hitting the pavement, working toward a goal and reconnecting with my dad out on the path.

Half-zip pullover // Running tights // Water bottle // Garmin watch // Running shoes // Ear warmer // Headphones // Waist belt // SPF 50 FaceScreen // Hair ties // Running gloves // Running shirt 

Gifts for Host + HostessEveryday Cuvée


Gifts for Host + Hostess // Courtney Callahan

1. Matches // 2. Candle // 3. Guest Book // 4. Stag Bottle Opener // 5. Cocktail Napkins // 6. Tic Tac Toe //
7. Pitcher // 8. Champagne Ornament // 9. Copper Tray // 10. Camera // 11. Elements of Style //
12. Espresso Cups // 13. Monogrammed Towels // 14. Ceramic Coffee Dripper