Cobalt {Color Crush}


You know what they say in fashion: everything old is new again! Cobalt blue is by no means a new color. Did you know that after it was discovered as a pigment in 1802, Impressionist painters Renoir and Monet and Post-Impressionists like Van Gogh used it to create the intense skyscapes like you see in Starry Night?

This bold hue can look great as the main attraction of your ensemble or as an eye-catching accent accessory. It is already showing up on store shelves but it is definitely one you will be seeing everywhere this fall.

Cobalt looks best paired with metallics, yellow, camel, leopard, white and even black which provides a great contrast.

I think this off-the-shoulder dress is super-chic and these pants are work-appropriate and stylish.  If you are not quite ready to commit to cobalt as the main attraction then consider adding it as a pop of color in your handbag or shoes.

Which cobalt items do you love?

Cobalt Bucket Bag, Stud Earrings ($8.00!), Pants (under $100), Off-the-Shoulder Dress, Cobalt Sandals (under $60), Bib Necklace ($18.00!), Watch, Earrings, Midi Dress, Shift Dress (under $100)