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Whether you have been following my blog, liking my pictures on Instagram or this is your first time here, I thank you! I thank you because you are supporting me and I sincerely appreciate that.

For the past six years, I have owned a wedding invitation design studio and for the past six months, I have been sharing my outfits, style and life through Everyday Cuvée. Writing a style blog is something I’ve thought about for the past couple years and content I even dabbled with on Courtney Callahan Paper but fear held me back.

I worried that my outfits wouldn’t be good enough, that I wouldn’t inspire people, or that people would think I was crazy for sharing my style when I was supposed to be designing wedding invitations. But after a while, I stopped worrying and leapt into this exciting world of blogging.

It’s been an adventure so far and one that I plan on continuing. So why not take a step back and look at what I want to do better in the months to come?

This month’s blogger linkup by The B Bar asked just that – what are your goals for fall? I looked at these both professionally and personally because I think each area of my life could use a couple reminders and mantras to keep me on track for success!

Fall Goals for my blog:

1. Create meaningful and inspirational content: Visually-appealing photography and well-written copy is something that attracts me to other bloggers and something I strive to bring to my readers with each and every post.

2. Connect with other bloggers: At the Create & Cultivate conference, one of the speakers told the crowd to “surround themselves with like-minded people” and I truly believe that. The wedding industry has given me that opportunity to meet and work with incredibly-driven men and women, but owning my own business has left me slightly insular.

It is so easy to comment on Instagram photos, but much harder for me to show up to an event solo and provide a compliment to someone face-to-face. Its not the compliment part that is challenging, it is being at the event. Does every blogger know each other? Will they critique my follower count? This doubt can get the best of me sometimes when I really should just introduce myself  to other people that inspire me, like the same things I like and are looking to make a genuine connection.

3. Treat my blog as a business: Even though I check my stats and make sure I always receive a “good” SEO rating before posting, I need to look at my blog analytically and as a business.

When I started out in the wedding industry, I had to network like crazy, market myself to the industry and clients and learn everything I could about the business. In order to see growth, I need to do the same for Everyday Cuvée. One of the first steps I’m taking is getting a professional analysis of my blog by White Oak Creative to make sure I’ve got the basics down.

4. Connect and collaborate with brands I admire: As a relatively new blogger, this is a huge hurdle that I have to face because I do not have the traffic stats to stand on. However, I do have the commitment, creativity and courage to reach out to brands that I would love to work with.

I have had a few successes and am happy to report that I am working on some really fun collaborations for fall that I can’t wait to share with you.

Fall Goals for my personal life 

1. Stay Organized – I always thought of myself as a neat and organized person until I met my husband. Now, it seems that my receipts, clothes and papers continually pile up at every turn. In order to feel calm and ready to conquer my work day, I need to keep my space tidy and am really going to try to maintain order throughout the upcoming hectic months.

2. Stay Motivated – I started taking Shred 415 (a combination running and weights kick-butt class) in June and have seen a serious change in my strength and endurance. I attend class four mornings a week and thanks to their 12-hour cancellation policy, never cancel. Besides training for the marathon, I think this is the longest I have consistently committed to a workout program. Help me stick to it!

3. Travel – An upcoming trip to Northern California has me dreaming of sunshine and adventure. We will be spending a few days in San Francisco then heading to wine country for the rest of the time. It will be my fifth time to the area and know that it will leave me energized and inspired.

Do you have goals for fall? If so, I would love to hear them!

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  1. Yay, congrats on starting a blog! You’ve done an amazing job with this space so far so keep it up! LOVE it and you have a new reader to add to the list. Go after what you want … some people don’t because they’re afraid to put themselves out there. GOOD FOR YOU. xx!

    • Thank you so so much Caitlin! I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me and really pumps me up to keep it up!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. It was great meeting you yesterday, so excited that I can help you with your goals for the fall! Lots of great things to work on and do, and I admire your professionalism and creativity in the process! After reading your goals, I realized that I probably need a few personal ones as well…ek!

    • Thanks Lindsay! So excited to be working together and continue to grow with your expertise!

  3. I TOTALLY relate to your goal on connecting with bloggers. I too feel intimidated of going to an even all by myself where I don’t know anyone or don’t have the same reach yet as other bloggers do. It’s difficult putting yourself out there like that but we just have to take it one step at a time. Happy fall!!

  4. Great goals. Love your Instagram!! And I can definitely relate on connecting with other bloggers. It seems SO daunting, especially because I feel like everyone is much more well known than little ole me. ???? But, it’s so important to network and make friendships. I’m excited about the Go Blog Social conference in Chicago this fall. Really looking forward to that!

    • Thank you Cori!!! I haven’t heard of Go Blog Social yet, I am going to have to check that out!

  5. I can really get with you blogging goals – as a new blogger too, many of mine are similar especially about treating my blog like a business and connecting the other bloggers. Speaking of, good luck on your collaborations!

    • Thank you for commenting and for your well wishes! Your blog looks great and I can’t wait to check out those contouring tips – I need them!

  6. I’m so glad you found your blog! I think you have a great action plan for growing that and your business. I always fluctuate between wanting to keep my blog personal or take it a little bit more seriously as a business opportunity. Maybe some day I’ll figure it out.

    • Thank you for visiting Carly! I think that is a tricky thing…for me saying it was a business meant I really had to put myself out there which is SCARY! It seems like you are doing a great job working with brands so I would say keep plugging away!

  7. Love your idea of fitting in more time for travel. It’s easy to get bogged down with the day-to-day, but it’s so necessary to carve out time for yourself. I hope you have a fabulous time in San Fran/wine country! Maybe a wine tour in Napa Valley?

    • I think a wine tour is an excellent idea! Thank you Natalie and hope you get some travel time carved out too!

  8. Great job sticking to that workout routine! Amazing! So jealous of your trip to San Francisco.. I’m DYING to go myself!

    • Thanks Kelly! San Francisco is seriously one of my favorite places to visit – great vibe, pretty sights and so much to do.

  9. It’s the first time I visit your blog. I just looked at some of your older posts and like your blog very much. Love your fashion style!

    • Thank you so much Danielle!! I find it hard to stay motivated with fitness but totally agree that finding the right routine makes a world of difference!

  10. I was at Create & Cultivate as well! So inspiring. I agree that networking – both online, butespecially in-person – can be intimidating. However, one of my biggest takeaways from Create & Cultivate was to “collaborate, collaborate, collaborate,” so I think that’s a fantastic goal. Love your goals, love your blog, and, from a fellow Chicagoan, hope to stay in touch! ????

    • Did you like the conference? I thought it was a good event with some real-life takeaways. It is hard to try and do everything yourself! Let’s keep in touch for sure!

  11. I love how you split these into blogging goals and personal goals! I went to my first blogging event this month and I had all of the same feelings as you, everybody turned out to be really friendly and I found that a lot of people were feeling exactly the same way! ???? Good luck with your goals!

    • Yeah! I love hearing that Sophie and that the event was a success. Just takes the first step right?!

  12. I’ll be spending more time on my blog this fall as well! Sounds like your trip to CA will be fun.

  13. You are SO inspiring!!! I love all your outfit posts and am so proud of you for taking yet another leap. Excited to follow along on this journey.

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