Floral Shift Dress


I’ve been on the go the past couple weeks (and Michael was in Nepal) so sadly I haven’t been able to share as much as I wanted to with you! I traveled to St. Louis to visit my family, attend a football game at Mizzou and even go to my high school reunion dressed in this Floral Shift Dress and Booties.

High school in St. Louis is a very BIG thing and when meeting a fellow St. Louisian, the conversation always begins with, “Where did you high school?”

As a proud alumni of St. Joseph’s Academy, I spent four years of my life forming some of the most amazing friendships and ones that I’ll have for life. So at the reunion, we spent the night walking the hallways of our old school, reminiscing over the antics we got ourselves into and just plain catching it — it was perfect.

Floral Shift Dress, Joie Booties, Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, Tassel Necklace, Ring