Pack the Perfect Picnic

May 15, 2015

I’ve lived in Chicago for over a decade. It’s definitely home. But whenever I visit friends or family in other places I’m always jealous of one simple thing: their yard. It’s lush and green and right outside the door.

It practically calls for a nice cold glass of rosé just thinking about it. I just love being outside.  Walks in the park, movies, al fresco dining, but most of all: picnics.

Since I live right across from the Lincoln Park Zoo, I do have access to an amazing amount of green space. It’s just a shame I have to share it with thousands of others, right?

Fortunately, I do have the luxury of packing my favorite picnic gear, picking up some essentials from the Green City Market right outside my door, and heading to the park for some relaxation against the backdrop of our lovely skyline. Whether you find yourself in a city like mine or just ready for an afternoon break from the routine, here are my essentials for the perfect picnic:

Picnic Essentials

Picnic BasketPicnic BlanketUtensils, PlatesNapkinsKate Spade Cooler BagGoVino Champagne GlassesSunnylife RadioPaddlesServing BoardBerry BasketBeach cruiser, Table in a Bag

1. A Picnic Basket – Make sure you choose a picnic basket that is large enough to carry all of your tableware and food. Less trips to the car = more time in the sun.

2. A Picnic Blanket –  Nothing ruins a picnic faster than a wet butt. Gross, but true.

3. Utensils, Plates & Napkins – I prefer reusable utensils, plates and napkins because I use them so often and they are a-ok for the environment! 

4. A champagne cooler and champagne glasses – Or just a cooler but I prefer to tote champagne whenever I can. This one is not only super-glam, but it can carry a lot of other stuff and is easy to throw over your shoulder. 

5. Serving pieces (like this serving board and berry basket ) – You spent all that time packing great food. Shouldn’t it look nice too?   

6. Entertainment – I’m all for conversation or even a good book but sometimes you want to crank up the tunes! If you want to get a little more active, I highly recommend a competitive game of paddleball

7. A mode of transportation – Über is convenient, but I think it best to enjoy the journey as much as the destination especially when it is on this adorable, buttercream-hued beach cruiser.

8. Table in a Bag – This is by far THE most important thing I need when going on a picnic. It keeps the food up and off the ground, gives you a place to rest your drink and rolls right up into a handy-dandy carrying case. Genius! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and hey, maybe you’ll go on a picnic!

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